Corporate Social Responsibility

People, the horses they care for and the environment we ride in are at the centre of everything we do, from our employees to those who touch our business to the communities we call home.

We value diversity, equity, and inclusion

Around the world, our employees, manufacture, and distribution partners make up a large workforce. We champion diversity by building a workforce as diverse as the consumers we serve, because the more perspectives we have, the better decisions we make. Each one of us can make a big difference for a better shared future. Our aspiration is to mirror the diversity of the communities where we operate and to lead and advocate for a better shared future.

We value our environment

In accordance with government guidelines, we are working toward significant environmental targets across our manufacture, distribution, and retail channels. The steps we are taking include reviewing all our components and processes and packaging and making improvements wherever possible. When it comes to our leather, we source a by-product of the meat industry, and our saddles use the finest quality hides that would otherwise go to waste. 

We value ethical sources and practices

Our saddle trees, and a significant proportion of components and manufacturing tools are sourced from several family businesses. We have a very close, personal relationship with our factories and producers world-wide and spend many hours focused on training and development of their teams. Across our manufacturing, distribution, and retail pursuits, we choose to work with entrepreneurs already doing businesses in their local communities who understand and are deeply connected to their cultures, creating jobs that help our partners’ local economy flourish.