Focused on Horse Comfort and Performance

Bates saddles feature world leading innovations for equine comfort and performance to ensure your horse’s absolute comfort and your piece of mind.


QUICK-CHANGE Girth Point System

The innovative method of girth point attachment offers you peace of mind that your girth points can be fitted to factory standard throughout the life of your saddle. It also offers customisation of your girthing system by your saddler, saddle fitter or retailer. The unique design registered fitting ensures that the girth points are highly durable and ultra slimline, facilitating even closer contact and comfort for both you and your horse.

Ease and Flexibility of Fit

The saddle is of extreme importance for your horse's comfort, muscle development and willingness to work. Bates saddles featuring the revolutionary EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution offer the greatest flexibility for achieving an optimal fit, ensuring your horse’s comfort and your peace of mind. The balance of Bates saddles can easily be adjusted by utilising the EASY-CHANGE Riser System. This, combined with the EASY-CHANGE Gullet System, ensures a custom fit to your horse’s withers, sufficient clearance and optimal balance.

Elastiflex Tree

Imagine the comfort of a tree with the ability to flex and move with your every stride. With the structure of an EASY-CHANGE Gullet, your horse’s spine is protected from concussive forces, whilst lateral flexion enables your horse’s back to swing and move uninhibited and naturally. It is exceptionally lightweight, symmetrical, and strong over time, protecting it from breakage or warping.

CAIR Cushion System

Trust in simply the best protection you can offer your horse. Super soft air cushions lie in constant contact with your horse’s moving back muscles, for their total comfort from an even and lower pressure combined with the ultimate in shock absorption. With CAIR, your horse will respond through freedom of movement you can feel.

EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution

When your horse is your world, we understand your need for total reassurance of a perfect fit solution now and in the future. Relax with confidence in full adjustability to both the tree and panel. With the greatest scope of customisation in your hands that is measurable, symmetrical, and completely reversible, you know you are giving your horse your absolute best with the EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution.

Performance Panel Technology

Look beneath your saddle and see the thoughtful design that is key for your horse to move naturally. Each individual saddle has a generous footprint with edges that gradually taper for a seamless and gentle transition of weight. Careful tailoring ensures maximum clearance for your horse’s spine with provision for lift adjustments where needed for perfect balance and stability in riding.

Bates SynergyPanel

Selected Bates saddles feature the Bates SynergyPanel which achieves a quick and seamless transition from your seat to your horse for unprecedented connection. The Bates SynergyPanel is the ultimate for freeing your horse to perform to their full potential. It is simply the most shock absorbent and protective panel for the horse’s comfort and full range of movement.


Simply the greatest competitive advantage in a saddle, Horse and Rider Technology unlocks your full potential through unparalleled connection and freedom of movement.

Many of the design features and innovations in Bates Saddles are protected by design registrations and patents.