Allie Sacksen

Eventing United States

"As an eventer, I ride everything from wide-backed pony types to high withered thoroughbreds, which makes saddle fitting a challenge!

"Bates Saddles are the first saddles which have been able to be adjusted to achieve a perfect and comfortable fit for each of my horses, giving us a real performance advantage particularly when freedom of movement is of critical importance, both during dressage and when jumping.

"I finally have the peace of mind that my horses are comfortable, allowing me to concentrate more fully on our performance. As an added benefit, while I’m on the circuit and in-between saddle fits, the fitting systems are so simple to use that I am able to easily make small changes that help to maintain a perfectly fitting saddle for the comfort of each of my horses, and optimal balance for me!"

Competition Horses
  • Cool Springs Mr.Darcy
  • Zenith Fly Me to the Moon
Online Profiles